Template Letter - #BlackForeignersinUkraine(BFU)

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Black Foreigners in Ukraine
- Template Letter -
Please use the below template to write to your
British Politician / Political Parties

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Dear ____

I am sure you are aware of the growing crisis within Ukraine and how so many people are desperately trying to leave Ukraine to get to a safe country away from the bombing.

What you may not be aware of is the growing number of Africans being denied entry into EU states from Ukraine, in particular, Poland and Romania. And in some border crossings, it seems to be that no Africans are being allowed to cross and are forced to wait days in freezing temperatures on the side of a road. There are even mothers with newborn babies and children being denied entry! There are children and babies in northern Ukraine with their parents being made to wait days because they're not Ukrainian or EU passport holders. More and more footage is being posted online of Black Africans being denied entry onto trains from Ukraine by soldiers into Poland and being made to wait at border crossings in the cold, which is deeply concerning as all citizens are allowed entry into Poland from Ukraine! Africans have also been made to pay money to be allowed to cross, which they shouldn't have to do if they're just trying to depart for humanitarian reasons!

Now the Irish government has waived all visa restrictions for Ukrainian citizens and the United Kingdom should also do the same for but for both Ukrainians and the people who are from other countries bit lived in Ukraine. Some of these African citizens have been living years in Ukraine and are parents to Ukrainian citizens but are still denied the right to vacate a safe country during a war. Also, many of these Africans come from nations that are part of the British Commonwealth therefore it's only right for the British government to support and help rescue these Africans who have effectively been left stranded in Ukraine.

I hope you will help support these people who never deserved to be mistreated this way during a developing war, all due to them being African.

(You name)
Help for Africans in Ukraine

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